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Explore our range of award-winning beers to discover over four decades of brewing know-how and craftmanship. From traditional ales like Wherry and Nog, to modern beers such as Conquest and Voltage.

Core Range


3.8% | Amber Ale

Mighty fresh, zesty and rich amber ale enjoys floods of flavours, as sweet malts clash with grapefruit hops and big floral aromas in a sensory strike.

See | Amber

Smell | Floral

Taste | Citrus & Grapefruit


4.5% | Premium IPA

Tropical, citrus, floral and pine can all be found in one of our most aromatic brews, with the best American hops piled in.

See | Pale Gold

Smell | Light Malt, Fruity Notes

Taste | Hoppy, Citrus Fruit, Malty


4.5% | Bitter

Our wholehearted harmony of hops, fruits and barley. Glory in the taste and aromas of citrus and Norfolk malts we’ve crammed in.

See | Amber

Smell | Rich Floral, Fruit

Taste | Citrus, Dried Fruit


4.6% | Dark Ale

Deep, ruby-red ale with rich, chocolatey taste, with liquorice and treacle. A smooth, unmistakable texture and finish.

See | Dark

Smell | Citrusy

Taste | Fruity, Spicy

Bure Gold

4.3% | Golden Ale

Pale, lightly-roasted malts form a aromatic, golden ale with notes of passion fruit and orange. Hops from America, Slovenia and Britain.

See | Straw

Smell | Citrus, Floral

Taste | Light Malt, Citrus


4.0% | Pale Ale

Crafted with a blend of our finest hops; paired up with malt blends and splashes of fresh, citrus flavours.

See | Pale Gold

Smell | Grapefruit, Hoppy

Taste | Fruity, Refreshing

Craft Range


4.5% | Imperial Lager

It’s bursting with modern hop varieties giving it a contemporary twist; light, refreshing and thirst-quenching.

See | Pale Gold

Smell | Citrus Fruit, Crisp

Taste | Citrus Fruit, Clean Finish


4.5% | Session IPA

Using the best American hops, brings out a tropical, citrus, floral and pine aroma. Hands down one of our most aromatic brews.

See | Pale Gold

Smell | Light Malt, Fruity Notes

Taste | Hoppy, Citrus Fruit, Malty


4.3% | Pale Ale

Golden, tropical-scented, hop-filled beer. Hints of mango and papaya, topped off with a tower of hops to create a light beer.

See | Gold

Smell | Tropical Fruits

Taste | Fruits, Citrus



4.2% | Cream Stout

Smooth and creamy, balanced stout. Laced with chocolate and rich fruit flavours, enjoy the Albion’s enticing aromas and indulgent flavours.


Norfolk Adder

4.5% | Medium Dry

A medium dry cyder created with a blend including bitter-sweet apples, delivering a refreshing taste with a crisp bite!

Black Adder

4.0% | Medium Sweet

A medium sweet cyder blended with dark fruit juices to give a fruity taste with a refreshing cyder finish!


Admiral's Reserve

5.0% | Premium Ale

Enjoy an unreservedly special bounty. Plentiful sweet fruit flavours come together to create a complex and undeniably satisfying sip.

See | Copper

Smell | Almond, Sultana, Sherry

Taste | Nutty, Almond

Tinsel Toes

4.4% | Christmas Ale

Rich and spicy fruit flavours combine with roasted malts and hops for a perfectly balanced finish.

See | Dark

Smell | Citrusy

Taste | Spicy, Fruity


7.0% | Speciality Ale

Easy drinking, strong Norfolk ale. A moderate bitterness engulfs the palate whilst the sweetness from the fruit and malt make for a full bodied finish.

See | Pale Gold

Smell | Fruit, Orange, Peach

Taste | Clean Finish, Sweet

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