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Cheers to Beer Day Britain!

June, 2023

Cheers to Beer Day Britain!

There are few British traditions greater than getting together over a pint with our nearest and dearest at the local pub.

Pubs are so much more than just a watering hole – they are at the very heart of British life. This Beer Day Britain, we are calling on our customers to support their local and raise a glass to everyone in this marvellous industry.

What is Beer Day Britain?

Beer Day Britain is all about celebrating our national drink while supporting the pubs at the centre of our communities.

It is marked every year on June 15 – the same day the Magna Carta was sealed more than 800 years ago.

And what many do not know is that it outlined a standard measure for ale – the so-called “London Quarter” which in today’s world measure around 200 litres. Much more a wholesale approach than an after-work tipple.

That measurement may have gotten smaller over the years, but today the word pint is synonymous with beer – and we think it’s the perfect thing to raise in celebration.

A thank you to the publicans

We are proud to be the custodians of two of the greatest pubs our county has to offer in The Fur & Feather and The Lord Nelson.

We know too well how hard the teams work, from the pint pullers to the chefs serving up incredible dishes – and we know how strong a community they have built.

That is what makes our pubs so special. Not the bricks and mortar – and dare we say it not even the beer on the pumps – but the people. The familiar face behind the bar, the regulars around the table or the friendly local extending a hand to a first-time guest.

And it isn’t only our pubs that are lucky enough to share that friendly atmosphere. So here’s to our trade customers and their teams, wherever they are.

From The Red Lion to The White Hart and beyond – thank you for everything you do.

Planning to celebrate with pint of your favourite Woodforde’s beer? Don’t forget to share it on social media, tagging us alongside #CheersToBeer at 7pm.

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